Principal Opportunity

St Columba’s School, Ballarat North

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As a Catholic school, St Columba’s is a community of faith which openly recognises Christ and seeks to live and proclaim the Gospel message. Underpinning everything that happens in our school is our commitment to making the presence of Christ obvious to everyone who enters. We promote this in the way the children treat each other, in their relationships with staff and parents and in the atmosphere of respect, co-operation and friendship that permeates throughout our daily activities. Every child is unique. Every child is special with different needs, interests and particular characteristics that set them apart. At St Columba’s, we celebrate these differences and, through a broad and versatile curriculum, ensure that we cater for them. Our teachers place students at the centre of the learning process and are committed to the growth and development of the whole child: emotionally, academically, physically, socially and spiritually. We recognise the unique contribution made by parents to the life of our school and to the learning of the children. At St Columba’s, staff, students and parents work together in a spirit of co-operation in the task of enabling our children to reach their full potential. We strongly encourage you to become as involved in the life of our school community as you can.

Position Description

Applicants for the position of Principal have to provide evidence of how they will:

  • Lead in Catholic School Culture
  • Lead in Community Engagement
  • Lead in Leadership and Stewardship
  • Lead in Learning and Teaching
  • Lead in Wellbeing

More details are available in the application information document below.

Position Requirements

The requirements for principals in the Diocese of Ballarat include:

  • Membership of the Catholic Church and regular participation in the sacramental life of the faith community.
  • An understanding of and demonstrated commitment to Catholic Education
  • A period of recent experience in a leadership role within education
  • Academic qualifications additional to teacher training and/or successful participation in appropriate post‐graduate professional development activities. eg. Leadership, Theology/Religious Education.
  • Registration as a teacher with the Victorian Institute of Teaching (For interstate applicants, demonstration that you meet the requirements and are pursuing this).
  • Normally a minimum of ten years relevant experience in education
  • Accreditation to Teach Religious Education in a Catholic School (CECV Policy 1.7).
  • Completion of a successful criminal records check (this will be carried out, when required, by the CEOB.
  • Completion of a declaration, according to the requirements of the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority, regarding freedom from bankruptcy.
  • A demonstrated commitment to personal and professional

View the application information document which explains the application process and the selection criteria and how to apply
Download the application form and respond to the selection criteria

If you have any further questions please contact Peter Kerwan on or ring on 03-5337 7123.



Application Information

  1. Procedures and information package
  2. Application form
  3. Staff Handbook
  4. Parent handbook
  5. Reference form Parish Priest / Parish Leader
  6. Reference Form Governing Authority or Professional Colleague