Awakenings comprises the Core Document and educational materials of the Religious Education Curriculum for the Catholic Diocese of Ballarat, reflecting the integrity of the Catechism of the Catholic Church (1992) and the General Directory for Catechesis (1997). Awakenings is structured in response to the developmental and educational needs of students across the years of schooling, thus promoting fidelity to God revealed in the Catholic Tradition and fidelity to the students of our schools.

The resources of the Awakenings Religious Education Curriculum are provided to support and enliven learning and teaching in Religious Education throughout the Diocese of Ballarat. The challenges of contemporary Catholic schooling are seen as an opportunity to enter more deeply into the intellectual, ethical and spiritual riches of the Catholic tradition, and to seek ways to make those riches available in a respectful dialogue with the world of students and their families. In line with the self-understanding of the Church, they are welcoming to all who share their educational philosophy.

John Meneely is the Deputy Director of Catholic Education for the diocese and copies of Awakenings Core Document can be purchased from the Religious Education Centre in Ballarat. 

Awakenings Planning Tool 

Awakenings is the mandated Religious Education curriculum for the Diocese and the online planner is the only way to give full effect to the bishop's mandate. Principals and Religious Education Coordinators are asked to ensure that all teachers involved with the teaching of Religious Education use the planner collaboratively in their preparation of RE units. Please contact members of the RE team if you need advice and/or assistance with using the planner. 

Awakenings Documents