Diocesan Leadership Framework

The Diocesan Leadership Framework (DLF) is embedded in the context of the values and beliefs of the Catholic Church, and the role and mission of Catholic schools in their communities. The key audience is the Diocesan Education Community who are committed to developing their leadership capabilities and that of others. The DLF aims to:
● Recognize and promote the leadership capabilities of all members of the Diocesan Education Community.
● Describe what highly effective leaders in Catholic education know, believe and do, and how they do it;
● Support the development of highly effective Catholic education leaders who engage others in achieving continuous school improvement;
● Enable formally recognised and aspiring leaders to reflect on their practice and leadership learning for improved effectiveness.

Diocesan Leadership Framework- Introduction

Diocesan Leadership Framework- A Guide

Diocesan Leadership Framework- Capabilities Reflection

Diocesan Leadership Framework- Leadership Across the 5 Aspects of Schooling