Complaints about schools

The Catholic Education Office Ballarat is committed to working in partnership with schools and the community in achieving excellent outcomes for students. 

The protocol of the Catholic Education Office is to refer grievances and complaints about schools to be managed at the school level.

Contact the school

There are a number of ways you can raise any concerns you have about your child and their education. You can:
write a note to your child's teacher outlining your concerns
make an appointment to speak on the phone or in person with their class teacher, the year level coordinator or home-group teacher; ensuring that you inform the school about the issue you wish to discuss
consider speaking with the school's student wellbeing coordinator or chaplain if you feel that this would be appropriate
arrange any meeting times or phone calls through the school office (this is more convenient for both you and your child's teacher and does not interrupt teachers during the time they need to be with their students).

The class teacher or other relevant staff member, together with any others who may be involved, should be given a reasonable amount of time to take the steps required to resolve or address your concerns. Remember, it may not always be possible to resolve an issue to your complete satisfaction.

Contact the principal

Most concerns are resolved by following the steps outlined above. However, if the issue remains unresolved after you have approached your child's teacher or other school staff you can then ask to see the principal.
To do this, you will need to request an appointment through the school office. Please note that:
the principal may ask another senior staff member to speak with you on their behalf
if a teacher is going to be present at the meeting it is more likely to occur outside of classroom hours.
If your concern is related to issues of school policy, these should be raised more formally (in writing) with the principal or the school advisory council or school board.

Contact the Catholic Education Office

If you still feel that your complaint has not been addressed satisfactorily after speaking to the teacher and the principal, you can then contact the Catholic Education Office - phone: 03 5337 7135 or email:
An educational consultant will be able to provide you with advice and assistance and, if required, direct your complaint to the school's governing authority to respond.
BDSAC School Complaints Policy 2017 - to learn more about how schools and the CEOB handle complaints, please click here to read the BDSAC policy.

Complaints about the Catholic Education Office

If you wish to make a complaint about the Catholic Education Office Ballarat, please phone: 03 5337 7135 or email: and your complaint will be referred to the appropriate Team Leader.